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Bottled waters facts

Facts & figures

In Europe, packaged water sales (including HOD, the home and delivery sector) account for 44 % of the market of non-alcoholic drinks in volume. In value, however, they represent 32% of the market, the average price for a bottle of water being lower than that of most other categories of non-alcoholic drinks.

- Total sales volume (2012): breakdown per category of water


Naturally sourced waters are by far the most popular choice across the European Union: natural mineral water and spring waters together represent 97 % of the market volume.

- EU and individual country per capita consumption in 2012 (litres)

Per capita consumption of bottled water in the European Union varies enormously from one country to another with the average consumption at 104 litres per year. Finland has the lowest consumption level with 17.2 litres a year per inhabitant and Italy the highest at 180 litres a year per inhabitant.

- Comparison with other sectors
  Total consumption: 236 litres of packaged drinks per capita (2012)