World Water Day 2016: Bottled water sector provides non-relocatable jobs


Brussels, 22 March 2016. The members of the European Federation of Bottled Waters (EFBW) are proud to support World Water Day 2016. The theme for this year’s World Water Day, celebrated annually on March 22nd, is ‘Water and Jobs’.

Sustainable, protected, and naturally replenished water sources are the core of our business. Producers are committed to demonstrate solid environmental leadership, to ensure highest safety standards and to provide naturally sourced waters of consistently high quality,’ says Jean-Pierre Deffis, President of the European Federation of Bottled Waters.

Economic contribution

According to European law, natural mineral and spring waters must be pure and bottled at source. The springs are usually located in rural areas meaning that producers provide critical and non-relocatable jobs in regions where employment is scarce. The European Federation of Bottled Waters represents almost 600 regional and local producers in Europe, of which more than 80 % are small and medium sized enterprises[1]. In Europe, the sector creates direct employment for 54.000 people.

Sustainable Abstraction

Natural mineral and spring water producers acknowledge the importance of protecting the quantity and quality of the world’s water. They manage their springs sustainably and responsibly to ensure the availability of natural water resources for future generations. The amount of water withdrawn always respects the annual replenishment of the source.

Environmental protection

Producers have been safeguarding the areas of land surrounding underground water sources for over a hundred years, helping to protect the natural ecosystems through which water flows to reach its natural source. The protection measures extend to the entire catchment area which often covers up to many square kilometres. Producers work in public-private partnerships with local communities, public authorities and farmers to ensure the protection of the source. These joint collaborations not only help to safeguard biodiversity and natural habitats, but are also important for social and economic regional development.

If you would like to know more about natural mineral and spring waters and their specificities, watch the official EFBW video by clicking here.


[1] The European Union defines SMEs in Recommendation 2003/361/EU.



About EFBW

The European Federation of Bottled Waters (EFBW) is the voice of the bottled water industry, dedicated to promoting the unique qualities of natural mineral and spring water among EU institutions and international organisations. EFBW is a registered international not for profit trade association with a membership base of national trade associations and direct member companies. In total, EFBW represents almost 600 natural mineral and spring water producers in Europe. EFBW offers expertise in regulatory issues, scientific and technical affairs as well as matters relating to health and the environment.

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